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§ 71.901 Applicability.

Unless otherwise designated:

(a) Each reporting point listed in subpart H of FAA Order 7400.9V (incorporated by reference, see §71.1) applies to all directions of flight. In any case where a geographic location is designated as a reporting point for less than all airways passing through that point, or for a particular direction of flight along an airway only, it is so indicated by including the airways or direction of flight in the designation of geographical location.

(b) Place names appearing in the reporting point descriptions indicate VOR or VORTAC facilities identified by those names.

Part §71 - Designation of Class A, B, C, D, and E Airspace Areas; Air Traffic Service Routes; and Reporting Points
§71.1 Applicability • §71.5 Reporting points • §71.7 Bearings, radials, and mileages • §71.9 Overlapping airspace • §71.11 ATS routes • §71.13 ATS Route Classification • §71.15 Jet routes and Airways • §71.31 Class A • §71.33 Class A areas • §71.41 Class B • §71.51 Class C • §71.61 Class D • §71.71 Class E • §71.901 Applicability