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9-1-5. Where and How to Get Charts of Foreign Areas

a. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Products. For the latest information regarding publication availability visit the NGA Web site:

1. Flight Information Publication (FLIP) Planning Documents.

General Planning (GP) Area Planning Area Planning - Special Use Airspace - Planning Charts

2. FLIP Enroute Charts and Chart Supplements.

Pacific, Australasia, and Antarctica U.S. - IFR and VFR Supplements Flight Information Handbook Caribbean and South America - Low Altitude Caribbean and South America - High Altitude Europe, North Africa, and Middle East - Low Altitude Europe, North Africa, and Middle East - High Altitude Africa Eastern Europe and Asia Area Arrival Charts

3. FLIP Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs).

Africa Canada and North Atlantic Caribbean and South America Eastern Europe and Asia Europe, North Africa, and Middle East Pacific, Australasia, and Antarctica VFR Arrival/Departure Routes - Europe and Korea U.S.

4. Miscellaneous DOD Charts and Products.

Aeronautical Chart Updating Manual (CHUM) DOD Weather Plotting Charts (WPC) Tactical Pilotage Charts (TPC) Operational Navigation Charts (ONC) Global Navigation and Planning Charts (GNC) Global LORAN-C Navigation Charts (GLCC) LORAN-C Coastal Navigation Charts (LCNC) Jet Navigation Charts (JNC) and Universal Jet Navigation Charts (JNU) Jet Navigation Charts (JNCA) Aerospace Planning Charts (ASC) Oceanic Planning Charts (OPC) Joint Operations Graphics - Air (JOG-A) Standard Index Charts (SIC) Universal Plotting Sheet (VP-OS) Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation (PUB249) Plotting Sheets (VP-30) Dial-Up Electronic CHUM

b. Canadian Charts. Information on available Canadian charts and publications may be obtained from designated FAA chart agents or by contacting the:

NAV CANADA Aeronautical Publications Sales and Distribution Unit P.O. Box 9840, Station T Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6S8 Canada Telephone: 613-744-6393 or 1-866-731-7827 Fax: 613-744-7120 or 1-866-740-9992

c. Mexican Charts. Information on available Mexican charts and publications may be obtained by contacting:

Dirección de Navigacion Aereo Blvd. Puerto Aereo 485 Zona Federal Del Aeropuerto Int'l 15620 Mexico D.F. Mexico

d. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). A free ICAO Publications and Audio- Visual Training Aids Catalogue is available from:

International Civil Aviation Organization ATTN: Document Sales Unit 999 University Street Montreal, Quebec H3C 5H7, Canada Telephone: (514) 954-8022 Fax: (514) 954-6769 E-mail: Internet: Sitatex: YULCAYA Telex: 05-24513