Automated RADAR Terminal Systems

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AUTOMATED RADAR TERMINAL SYSTEMS (ARTS)- A generic term for several tracking systems included in the Terminal Automation Systems (TAS). ARTS plus a suffix roman numeral denotes a major modification to that system.

a. ARTS IIIA. The Radar Tracking and Beacon Tracking Level (RT&BTL) of the modular, programmable automated radar terminal system. ARTS IIIA detects, tracks, and predicts primary as well as secondary radar-derived aircraft targets. This more sophisticated computer-driven system upgrades the existing ARTS III system by providing improved tracking, continuous data recording, and fail-soft capabilities.

b. Common ARTS. Includes ARTS IIE, ARTS IIIE; and ARTS IIIE with ACD (see DTAS) which combines functionalities of the previous ARTS systems.

c. Programmable Indicator Data Processor (PIDP). The PIDP is a modification to the AN/TPX-42 interrogator system currently installed in fixed RAPCONs. The PIDP detects, tracks, and predicts secondary radar aircraft targets. These are displayed by means of computer-generated symbols and alphanumeric characters depicting flight identification, aircraft altitude, ground speed, and flight plan data. Although primary radar targets are not tracked, they are displayed coincident with the secondary radar targets as well as with the other symbols and alphanumerics. The system has the capability of interfacing with ARTCCs.